Me-e1389033399210I’m Molood, a blogger, a career coach, an agile coach, an event organizer, an entrepreneur, and sometimes a software developer.

I live with my fiancé in Stockholm, Sweden and we travel abroad about once a month.

I have lived the first twenty something years of my life trying to make other people happy. From being an over-achiever kid to being an employee at an open space office desk that is just a cubicle without walls, I could not remember one single day when I actually did something for my own happiness. I cared more about the happiness of my parents, my siblings, my teachers, my classmates, the bankers, the post officers, the doctors, the cashiers than my own. For many years I had forgotten what it meant for “me” to be happy.

The only thing I remember as something I wanted for myself was to move to Europe.

I knew later when I actually moved to Europe that the reason for wanting to move to Europe had roots in the desire to be true to myself. It wasn’t easy but I finally understood who I really was and what really mattered to me in life. I’ve used this information to consciously choose the work I’ve been doing in the last few years.

Now let me be very honest with you: it did not happen overnight. I failed many times over the last few years. I went through rounds of depression and bad choices. I got jobs I hated and those I was absolutely incompetent in. I tried and failed until I succeeded…and succeeded again…and again…and again.

Every failure made me stronger. Every success made me learn something new about myself. And those helped me keep moving forward.

Knowing what mattered to me made me aware of what I wanted from a job. It made me more confident to ask for what I wanted. And it eventually helped me get what I wanted. Since a few years ago, I have helped dozens of people get the jobs that made them truly happy.

I created Break Your Barriers when I knew I had discovered the secret to happiness at work. I have found how to do what I love and get paid for it. Here I write about how anyone can break their own barriers and do the work that makes them happy; work that doesn’t even feel like work.

I value every single message I receive from my readers. So please leave me a message and say hi. I’d like to know you better.

Only YOU can help me write better posts and create better courses 🙂

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