I blog so you would love your job!

Over a year ago, I fell into a magic well that changed my viewpoint about careers forever. I learned the hard way that it was possible to love your job even if you are not self-employed.

Last week, I wrote on my Facebook page that I would create this website during the weekend and just a few hours after that, I received an email from Corbett Barr telling that he is starting a new blog and he wants to challenge others to do the same. Well, since I already had the plan, I jumped on the challenge. It’s funny how sometimes good things coincide.

Before I started writing on this blog, I spent months thinking, reading, researching and discussing with others to figure out what to write about. Throughout this time, I gradually discovered the core of everything I do to help other people which is exactly what I will be writing here. I love my job and I will help you love yours too.

Now don’t get me wrong! I didn’t always love my job. In fact for a very long time, I hated what I did every single day. I wanted to change my job and do something better, I looked at job boards every day, I applied to jobs that seemed appealing, but I felt stuck in my career. The problem was I did not even know what I liked to do. I even considered going back to university and studying a completely different subject than what I was educated in, but I couldn’t figure out what to study. I had no clue what I liked! All I knew was I really disliked what I was doing then.

Something happened to me and no I didn’t figuratively fall in a magic well and discover what I wanted to do in life. What happened was painful yet eye-opening. I found out what I really cared about and how to design any job to match what made me truly happy. I then helped many people do the same. And now, I am here to help YOU if you feel stuck in a boring job just like I did a few years ago.

What this blog is about

I used to blog because I loved writing. I wrote about many different things from recipes, short stories, poems, to personal thoughts. Blogging was one of the ways that enabled me to express myself. This time around, I am blogging to help you dare to dream big and show you that it is possible to love what you do. If I could do this, you can too and I will teach you how. This post is hopefully the beginning of a long series of posts.

I do not want to set a bunch if unchangeable expectations for you right now. But I would like you to know that I will get vulnerable on this blog and write about my fears. I will share with you how I came over my fears. It took me a few years to understand myself, my values, what was important to me and more importantly how to combine everything I had and everything I valued to get and create a job that I truly loved.

I will write about what to do and what not to do to land the job you want. I will teach you how to design every step of your way to draw the path of your career. I will share the stories of the people I have helped to get and design a job they love.

I have created this blog to help you break your barriers and create the happiness that you deserve to experience in your career.

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